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The strength of our future lies in our past
23rd-Feb-2015 08:46 pm
done with this shit
This is the ninth night without sleep, or without chemically assisted sleep, and the sixth night where chemically assisted sleep also came with nightmares and sleepwalking and inadvertent sleep powers use.

I apologize to anyone who was assaulted by the pokemon sheeps. Those were a deliberate attempt to try to mitigate insomnia. I also apologize to anyone who was bothered by the zombie merman, the herd of scaly toothy things, the flaming skeletons or the conjoined twins (who by the account I was given dissolved after one ate the other's head? I am sorry, whoever left the voicemail, it was garbled). At least all those were only a foot or so tall, from what I have heard.

I also apologize for the raiding of the fridge, it seems Ambien has the most irritating and amusing side effects.

I do not apologize to whomever I stole that cheesecake slice from, it was delicious. I will replace it.

However, for now, my powers incidents are rather out of control and obviously affecting more than me. I am going to travel to New Orleans to seek out an expert in my particular style of precognition, in the hopes that more control over that will prevent the other power from leaking out.

I am not sure how long I will be gone, but if I cannot find my expert within a few weeks, I will return - and should my trip take more than two weeks, expert found or not, I will call and update.
24th-Feb-2015 03:29 pm (UTC)
Bon voyage, as they say. Hope your trip is what you need it to be.
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