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The strength of our future lies in our past
Dear Ms. Lorna Dane, 
14th-Aug-2014 06:34 pm
At the pool
Dear Ms. Lorna Dane,

On this day, the event of Mister Wade Wilson'd birthday celebration, I regret to inform you that I will not be permitting him to propose marriage to you.

It is because he is old and wizened and elderly, and also he first proposed to the truck, and then the truck driver, and bigamy is illegal. He also proposed to the mariachistas, who were very kind in telling him that they all had partners already. I think Wade may be invited to one of their weddings now, I am not certain.

He has also proposed marriage to his tacos, the horchata drink, and a choco taco but I do not think the last one is authentic Mexican cuisine, so I am also invalidating that proposal.

With much gratitude for the amusements of the day,
Ms. Marie-Ange Colbert

PS. I do not know if mariachistas is the right word for lady mariachi bands. Help? Who would know this?
PPS. Ms. Catseye, I have also given your information to the lady mariachis who are getting married because they wanted a caterer for their wedding.
PPPS. I know who would know the right word, I am being funny.
PPPPS. It is not funny if I have to explain the joke, is it?
PPPPPS. This is a great many post-post-post-etc scripts. I do not think this is proper letter etiquette.
PPPPPPS. That was also a joke.
15th-Aug-2014 04:50 pm (UTC) - Email to Marie-Ange
Dear Ms. Marie-Ange,

I am perfectly okay with you not permitting him to do so. Awkwardness is something I try to avoid. However, I am pleased that Wade liked his presents and that it brought amusement to you both.

Ms. Dane

PS. It is a word now.
PPS. You could never have to manny post-post scripts.
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