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The strength of our future lies in our past
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Is all of the pumpkins everywhere related to David S. Pumpkins because I still do not understand either of those. Why is it pumpkins everywhere and what is a David Pumpkins? Why is there a pumpkin in a little pumpkin suit and two skeleton pumpkins in the elevator this morning?
Bitchy with Tea
1. It helps me mimic socially acceptable behaviours
2. Jail is a real place I want to avoid. I look terrible in orange jumpsuits.
3. It is difficult to work with my eyes closed.
4. My desk is not a comfortable warm bed.
5. Neither is the train, nor the subway.
23rd-Jun-2015 11:48 am - Well, The Toast is onto us.
Or perhaps just some of us. I would never wear black turtlenecks, for example.


The cracks in our relationship started when she went overseas for an art history program. She got completely furious at me when I threw out a postcard she sent me from Paris. I didn’t understand; what’s the big deal about an upside-down stamp, anyway?
23rd-Feb-2015 08:46 pm - Exhaustion
done with this shit
This is the ninth night without sleep, or without chemically assisted sleep, and the sixth night where chemically assisted sleep also came with nightmares and sleepwalking and inadvertent sleep powers use.

I apologize to anyone who was assaulted by the pokemon sheeps. Those were a deliberate attempt to try to mitigate insomnia. I also apologize to anyone who was bothered by the zombie merman, the herd of scaly toothy things, the flaming skeletons or the conjoined twins (who by the account I was given dissolved after one ate the other's head? I am sorry, whoever left the voicemail, it was garbled). At least all those were only a foot or so tall, from what I have heard.

I also apologize for the raiding of the fridge, it seems Ambien has the most irritating and amusing side effects.

I do not apologize to whomever I stole that cheesecake slice from, it was delicious. I will replace it.

However, for now, my powers incidents are rather out of control and obviously affecting more than me. I am going to travel to New Orleans to seek out an expert in my particular style of precognition, in the hopes that more control over that will prevent the other power from leaking out.

I am not sure how long I will be gone, but if I cannot find my expert within a few weeks, I will return - and should my trip take more than two weeks, expert found or not, I will call and update.
20th-Dec-2014 10:03 am - You are all on notice.
You are all on notice (but especially Doug Ramsey) for not telling me this thing existed. Why did you not tell me it existed? They have it inside the ride at the Disney park and I need it.

14th-Aug-2014 06:34 pm - Dear Ms. Lorna Dane,
At the pool
Dear Ms. Lorna Dane,

On this day, the event of Mister Wade Wilson'd birthday celebration, I regret to inform you that I will not be permitting him to propose marriage to you.

It is because he is old and wizened and elderly, and also he first proposed to the truck, and then the truck driver, and bigamy is illegal. He also proposed to the mariachistas, who were very kind in telling him that they all had partners already. I think Wade may be invited to one of their weddings now, I am not certain.

He has also proposed marriage to his tacos, the horchata drink, and a choco taco but I do not think the last one is authentic Mexican cuisine, so I am also invalidating that proposal.

With much gratitude for the amusements of the day,
Ms. Marie-Ange Colbert

PS. I do not know if mariachistas is the right word for lady mariachi bands. Help? Who would know this?
PPS. Ms. Catseye, I have also given your information to the lady mariachis who are getting married because they wanted a caterer for their wedding.
PPPS. I know who would know the right word, I am being funny.
PPPPS. It is not funny if I have to explain the joke, is it?
PPPPPS. This is a great many post-post-post-etc scripts. I do not think this is proper letter etiquette.
PPPPPPS. That was also a joke.
6th-Jul-2014 08:30 am(no subject)
Biscuit biscuit biscuit JUICE biscuit peanut biscuit biscuit pretzel BISCUIT JUICE

Eurovision Finals are this Saturday and once again my cousin will be hosting a party to view the semi-finals and finals. Since he is much too busy to post a general invitation, because his boyfriendboss has him compiling statistics on addiction in homeless mutant youth, I am posting for him.

I actually have no idea what he is compiling statistics in, I only have a series of text messages regarding normal distribution that are unsuitable for printing on a journal system read by underage teenagers, so I made up a topic.

The party is semi catered, but if any of you like, please feel free to bring a selection of your finest finger foods and non-alcoholic beverages.

However, for those of you of age:

I pinch

I do not care how many times you have Weasel or Doug send me this*, no, you cannot have taco yogurt.

* disclaimer: neither has, that I know of, nor has Wade asked, I am taking sensible precautions.
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